Dennis Chan

I'm a freelance concept artist and Illustrator working for the Entertainment Industry. I am currently based in Sweden.



Pre-Vis Concept Art

Visual Development

Environment Design

Key Art Illustration

Character Design

Cover Illustration

IP Development


For freelance inquiries please contact me at:


Clients list:

Lucas Film

20th century fox

Insomniac Games

Legendary Entertainment

Avalanche Studios

Trixster Film

Machine Games/Zenimax Media inc

Id Software/Zenimax MediaincLuma Pictures

Crytek GmbH

Luma Picturesc

Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

Digital Kitchen

Triforce Sales LLC

Applibot inc

Flying Car Productions

Radical publishing

Fantasy Flight Games

Popular Films

2d artist magazine


Stephen C Thompson



Project list:

Kong - Skull Island

Independence Day: Resurgence

Doom 4

Star Citizen

Galaxy Saga

Crysis 2

Crysis 3


Homefront 2